[Exhibition live] EC Sense participated in Zhengzhou 2023 World Sensor Summit (1087)

AQS will participate in the 2023 World Sensor Summit from November 05 to 07, 2023, which is located in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, welcome to the scene!

AQ Sense


With the theme of "Feel the world and create the Future", the 2023 World Sensor Conference gathers the most influential scientists and entrepreneurs in the global sensor field, as well as the leaders of relevant government departments, to deliver speeches and high-end dialogues on the technology frontier, industry trends and hot issues in the sensor field.

The first day of the exhibition.

On the first day of the exhibition, a large number of visitors came to visit and consult, to understand the technical advantages and characteristics of our EC Sense, and to show a strong interest in the sensors, controllers, detectors and modules we launched. We also introduce and answer for this one by one.

The second day of the exhibition.

"Multi-series products amazing debut"
For this exhibition, AQS launched FDM Gas Device, ECD Controller, ECtox High Concentration Device, StoxPro Smart Gas Device,  DS4 Smart Digital Sensor, PID Photoion Sensor, Gas Sensor Module, DGM10 Double Gas Module.

You can go to 1087 booth site for product visit and consultation.

November 5-7, 2023
AQS meets you at Zhengzhou Sensor Conference
Zhengzhou | International Convention and Exhibition Center
Booth number: 1087
Welcome to your arrival!

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